The Advantage of Having Your Own Oracle - An excerpt from the Wizard's Handbook on Oracle Creation

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For most of history people have depended on a priests, priestesses, or shamans, whether male or female, to act as an intermediary between the Mystery and themselves.

In this age, I want to empower you to be your own soothsayer, priestess or priest, shaman or wise woman so you can connect directly to the Sacred. I want you to be able to move into the deepest realms of consciousness and spirit.

I wish for you to appreciate your role in the universe as a co-creator instead of as simple spectator.

Making your own oracle system, devising means to tap into this connection is a big step in taking back your right to access Mystery, to be at one with Spirit.

You can learn how to make your own deck and use it in the Wizard's Handbook.

My own deck is the best deck that I have ever used. It is the most direct and the most clear. In Joe Vitale's story, you hear the same thing.

Joe's Magic Ad Cards

One of my writing coaches, author, Joe Vitale, reveals his story about the deck he made.


Dear William,

Yesterday, I found a second copy of an old, out-of-print book stuffed with ads from the turn of the century on. I bought it, not knowing why I needed a second copy of it. When I got home, I realized I could use the second copy to build my own oracle deck. My unconscious must have been leading my way. Anyway, I did the unthinkable: I cut up a BOOK. (My wife still can't believe it.)

I cut out all of the ads that I had any sort of emotional tug to. I ended up with a pile of maybe 50. My next step is to mount the ads on index cards so they actually look and feel like a real oracle deck. Think I'll call it "Magic Ads" or something like that.

I felt like a little kid having a blast ruining a book and making my own oracle deck. I told my wife the whole story about your book and showed her my deck and she was delighted. I told her, "I always knew the secrets of the universe were in ADS!" (Joe is the author of one of the definitive books on small business advertising: AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising. Read more about Joe in the Friendly Resources Section at the back of the book.)

Thanks for sparking all of this. I'll show you my Magic Ads deck when next I'm up there.

A few days later Joe e-mailed

William, I completed my oracle deck yesterday and used it on a sticky problem--and was astonished to see the results. I want to share it with you.

While I was finishing it up (making the deck), a client that has caused me a lot of stress called. I had been thinking about firing him as a client, or telling him off, or ignoring my frustrations and trying to deal with him. I wasn't sure how to handle him at all. He was a pain in the butt.

Instead, I turned the issue over to my Magic Ads deck. I asked, "What is the wisest way to handle this client and this situation?" I shuffled the deck, cut it, flipped through it with the faces down, and picked a card. I smiled to see I picked this zany ad from the turn of the century selling some wild camera that supposedly made everyone you looked at through it appear bizarre: Fat people looked thin, thin people looked fat, tall people looked short, etc. I have no idea how the camera actually worked, but I looked at the card from an inside-out perspective, hunting for the meaning in the card as it would relate to my question.

Within seconds, I had the answer. I was to look at my client as if he were a distorted human being because of the way I looked at him. I would just pretend I was looking at him through the wild camera, and he looked crazy and hard to deal with because the camera made him that way. I laughed. I felt relaxed. I then picked up the phone and called my client, thinking the whole time that he was odd because the camera I saw him through--my own mind--made him appear that way. We had a nice chat and that was that. No big deal. I actually thought, "You know, he ain't so bad. Guess I was looking at him wrong." :)

I wanted you to hear all of this because your idea to make a personal oracle deck has more power than you may realize.

. . . and thanks again for stimulating me into making my very own "Magic Ads" oracle deck.

I love it!

Joe :)

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